Finishing Touches

The further into a piece of music you get, the less sense it makes; as composers we can explore this paradox.


McDonalds knows that if you get the kids interested in your product they will stay with you virtually all of their lives. What would happen if we could pull that off with new music?

Lessons from Praha

Cheesy and clichéd as a lot of the concert offerings are at the height of the tourist season, it seems everyone visiting town just assumes that this is Prague, and classical music is what you do here.

Help Wanted

What does it take to get things in order so that you’re able to send out scores in a timely fashion? I’m thinking a craigslist ad will do the trick.

No PhD Required

I heard a colleague remark that in order to understand a new work one first needed to know the classical music repertoire; I could not disagree more.