How Old is Young?

with today’s popular music created and consumed by a dominantly tween demographic, it seems the concert hall crowed is left pining for a similar fountain of youth.

Is MIDI evil?

Notion, a new notation software package, offers playback capabilities that feature the London Symphony Orchestra.

Everything is Marketing: Selling Classical to Kids

Put a reporter in the lobby of your Symphony Hall asking why the kids just aren’t into classical music these days, and the top answers are likely to be some variation on two themes: the undeniable power of pop culture and the removal of music programs in the public schools.

Welcome to NewMusicBox 2.0

For the past year, we’ve been recreating NewMusicBox from the bottom to the top, making it more intuitive and easier to navigate and giving it a structure that will allow us to update information everywhere on the site more frequently: weekly, daily, hourly! So forget about sleeping…

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