Rethinking Music for Airports

Why not tap composers to specifically create these aural pacifiers, rather than compromise music not designed to be presented in such a context? What about a sonic environment designed to gently transition the ears from the constant din of whirring airplane engines to the comparative peace and quiet of the terminal?

Making the Grade

Welcome, Colin Holter, a first-year grad student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who will be blogging on grad school issues. You can read him here each Wednesday.

Before the Beginning

While the notion of a premiere occuring on a specific date and geographical venue in history is comforting to musicologists and folks who compile best of the year or best of the nation lists, it presents a somewhat incomplete picture of how creative works evolve and manifest themselves.

Sharing Information

Imagine being an actor and being given a copy of a script that only contained your lines; that’s exactly what composers do to musicians when they give them parts that only contain the notes for that particular individual to play.

Friday Informa: Break’n It Down

A starter’s guide to hacking and shredding the web, violin smashing technique 101, and how to resurrect the dead… But wait, there’s more: futuristic blogging birds. Read within the next five minutes and we’ll throw in K-Tel’s dodecaphonic classics.