Confessions of a Would-Be Music Forger

I’ve thought about submitting scores to competitions under the name, in the style, and in the simulated hand of one of the judges, carefully pieced
together at the computer; on one level it’d be a joke, of course, but
part of me thrills at freaking out successful composers this way.

The Friday Informer: The Da Vinci Coda

The Da Vinci Code gets more play from the music than the plot, the International Music Police launch their own Schoenberg investigation, expected chatter concerning lists and critics. Plus: How did that piano get there?

Process City: Like Mapquest (But For Composers)

It has occurred to me that our music is probably less a result of our processes than vice versa: We want to meet certain goals in our music, so we’ve accumulated, synthesized, and exercised skills that allow us to accomplish these goals.

A Lack of Imagination

Why is it that we take such care programming a concert by professionals, yet often fail to take the same approach with our students?