The Aesthetics of Survival

The ideas of George Rochberg seem a remarkable prophecy of the polystylism of today’s contemporary music landscape, yet Rochberg’s own music is sadly neglected and his wrtitings about music alternately provoke irrational vitriol or hyberbole.

Time Off

The magic of music is that, while it exists in time, it has the ability to bend time. So why do so many concerts list the duration of each of the works on the program?


Why is it so difficult to get people interested in new music? Is our own professional weltschmerz so overpowering that even we can’t really get that giddy about it anymore?

The World Upside Down

NPR has cancelled their two remaining syndicated programs devoted to classical music: Performance Today and SymphonyCast, but I’m not terribly shocked.

The Friday Informer: What do you get when…?

This week, bloggers celebrate that a woman can read a teleprompter all by herself (go, Katie!), rejoice over photographic proof that TomKat has truly procreated (nice job, Katie!), and lament that the Village Voice really is out to destroy itself (goodbye and good luck, Christgau). But meanwhile, in new music land…