The Friday Informer: Where have all the bloggers gone?

So, with the long holiday weekend cutting into the work week and rising summer temperatures to distract, apparently even sun-adverse bloggers have abandoned their computer terminals for a bit of R&R in the great outdoors. Or the boss has been peering over the cubical walls and monitoring keystrokes again. Either way, posting has been at something of a minimum…


I’ve tried my hardest to penetrate the Uptown/Downtown dialectic that seems to dominate stylistic discourse among many NewMusicBoxers, but there’s something about it that I could never quite wrap my head around, and I think I finally know what it is.

The Rite of Spring

Perhaps there’s a way to make the American Symphony Orchestra League conference more of a new music event.

Children’s Music Out of Balance?

Our house has been overrun with dozens of children’s videos for preschoolers but last evening my husband decided to take matters into his own hands; he began with popping in a DVD of Philip Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi.

Confessions of a Would-Be Music Forger

I’ve thought about submitting scores to competitions under the name, in the style, and in the simulated hand of one of the judges, carefully pieced
together at the computer; on one level it’d be a joke, of course, but
part of me thrills at freaking out successful composers this way.