The Friday Informer: Blinded By Science

Given that our favorite say-it-with-Hallmark holiday will be soon upon us, this love affair between science and music has got me thinking that perhaps we should do a few experiments of our own. So grab some graph paper, and let’s get started.

Chamber Music with More Wine and Fewer Stagehands

At home, I drink red wine while hearing things like the three carefully intertwined lines of counterpoint in the fourth movement of Mozart’s Divertimento for String Trio all the time, but being able to do so during a live performance makes the music breathe differently.

Golijov’s Ainadamar: Minding the Politics

Since posting my report on Golijov’s Ainadamar (“Fountain of Tears”), I’ve been trolling around Internetland reading more about what others have thought of the production. The most striking report came courtesy of The Standing Room, which took critics and fellow bloggers to task for failing to comment on the political implication of the piece.