Equal But Separate

Despite everything those elitist connoisseurs keep telling you, classical music is not inherently superior to all other genres of music.

Don’t Be That Guy

Who are these hypothetical composers that choose the aesthetic math problem over the big sheet of newsprint on which to finger-paint?

Composing is Not a Distraction

I’ve heard countless stories of performers who were discouraged by their instrumental teachers when they would improvise or compose, as it took away from valuable practice time and was a “distraction.”

Please Pass the Placebo

The next time you feel the urge to insert, say, an intervallic aggregate simply because it bears a connection to another structural element in the music, take into sonic consideration the consequence of your actions. Are you really contributing anything to the sound?

Composer Identity Crisis

Can you call yourself a composer if no one else does? And why is the performer rather than the composer called the artist in performances and on recordings?