You’ve Got to Admit It’s Getting Better

Classical music as a genre has been too fixated on the past, so it goes to follow that most classical music enthusiasts would believe in yesterday more than in the here and now, but I’ve been experiencing a greater openness to new music than ever before.

Everybody’s Doing It, So Why Don’t We?

Even in the age of the pop world’s power trio The Matrix, we’ve never asked a team of paid professionals to craft us a “number one with a bullet” orchestra hit. Lots of Billboard charters do it, so why don’t we?

Third Rock from the Sun

The premise of Tonic’s new rock complexity festival last week was to highlight the ever porous boundary between rock and, for lack of anyone’s better term, contemporary classical music. But as exciting and as new as much of this music sounded, is this really a new idea?

Above It All

Is it possible that today’s collective unconsciousness gives classical music more respect than it actually deserves?