Lessons from Praha

Cheesy and clichéd as a lot of the concert offerings are at the height of the tourist season, it seems everyone visiting town just assumes that this is Prague, and classical music is what you do here.

Help Wanted

What does it take to get things in order so that you’re able to send out scores in a timely fashion? I’m thinking a craigslist ad will do the trick.

No PhD Required

I heard a colleague remark that in order to understand a new work one first needed to know the classical music repertoire; I could not disagree more.


Is there anyway to persuade the wealthy from buying seven-figure classical music relics and, instead, spend the cash on cultivating a rich musical culture; the likes of which that spawned icons like Beethoven?


I’m beginning to realize that mistakes are not only unavoidable, they’re the prime force in shaping history.


Let’s concede for the moment that a lot of educational music out there is truly junk. So then, what is causing this low level of quality fare?

Let’s Go Outside

Tired of all that fastidiousness surrounding so-called proper concert hall etiquette? If so, I have the antidote: new music served under tents, in converted grain silos, and afloat on a rescue boat.

Saving Lives

I’d like to focus this week on a particular musical urban legend: Everybody who’s hip to the Smiths seems to know someone who was saved from suicide by the their music.