Give Piece a Chance

We really don’t have a decent word to embrace every possible musical creation, but perhaps I should get over my aversion to the phrase “piece of music.”

Can Jazz Educate More Than Classical?

How is it that jazz has become the vehicle for the resurgence of robust music programs in the schools while classical music, and its offspring (arguably US) still find it a challenge to be seen as relevant to arts education in the United States?

Grant Us Peace

Like every other American out there, I’m goin to be selfish and rant about stuff that affects me, me, me. So here’s a few things that would help make grants, commissions, and residencies better suited to composers’ needs.

Fab Prefab

Analogous compositional plans have been used since the Middle Ages, but will the arrival of new media finally spawn new ways for composers to approach their materials, overshadowing more traditional methods.

Making Time

To my thinking, the painter Brice Marden (who is currently the subject of a major MoMA retrospective) shares a lot of aesthetic common ground with composers as diverse as David Borden, Gloria Coates, Alvin Curran, Frederic Rzewski, and Charles Wuorinen; yet I doubt there’d be lines around the block to attend a concert assembling any of their lives’ work.