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So who’s writing In Memoriam Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? Come on. I’m sure it’s at least crossed somebody’s mind.

Context is Everything

The Knights played a concert at the visually stunning Angel Orensanz Center called Rewind which I should have loved, but they never stopped playing.

Why Are Kids Better?

Time again and again I have witnessed concert halls packed with avid followers for youth orchestras and often these ensembles have better precision and musicality than many adult community orchestras.

Places Where We Go To Listen

While I had a fabulous time at the free Bang on a Can Marathon at Manhattan’s Winter Garden Atrium, my level of commitment and connectivity to the listening experience was nowhere near what it had been just days before in concerts at L.A.’s Walt Disney Hall.

The Dos of Composing for Middle School

Many composers who are mid-career or beyond lack the training and experience of composing music that is for the blossoming musician. How can we entice them into exploring this uncharted territory?

The Friday Informer: Where have all the bloggers gone?

So, with the long holiday weekend cutting into the work week and rising summer temperatures to distract, apparently even sun-adverse bloggers have abandoned their computer terminals for a bit of R&R in the great outdoors. Or the boss has been peering over the cubical walls and monitoring keystrokes again. Either way, posting has been at something of a minimum…