Wait, There’s More

I really can’t understand why some people feel compelled to walk out of a concert while a performance is still going on; is anything really so unbearable?

Lost in the Shuffle

New music is capable of asking the hardest questions and challenging the most deeply sedimented assumptions. Do you really want to go through all that on the bus? That’s why there’s no new music on my iPod.

Shared Space

Do composers have the right, or even the ability, to determine the context in which their music gets heard?

Just Do It

Last month by coincidence one of my student’s endeavors was highlighted in Chatter’s Friday Informer. The project is a new music ensemble comprised and run solely by teens. No one over 18 allowed.

Academy Rewards

Nowadays, the only composers turned off by the academic establishment are those averse to writing dissertations. It’s not a matter of aesthetics or artistic differences anymore, it just boils down to laziness.

Periodic Parity

I’m convinced that new music would be easier to explain to younger students if introductory textbooks made a genuine effort to periodize it just as the preceding centuries’ music has been.