The Ballad of the AARP Composer

One of the things I’m looking forward to most about getting older
(actually, one of the only things I’m looking forward to) is the right
to be as intellectually and creatively lazy as possible.

Why I Don’t Use an iPod

While initially my wife and I were extremely excited about an iPod (after all, our society instills in us the desire for the latest technological innovation), the charm wore off as soon as we talked about what music we would put on it.

Joining the Pod People

There’s nothing more revealing than borrowing colleagues’ MP3 players; it can be a revelatory window into their psyches, not only for what they listen to, but how they listen and organize.

Fundamentally Sound

History is a strong force, but when we’re able to suspend its effects, even temporarily, some amazing things can happen. Is it really worth it to grapple with the burdens of the past?

In Life There is No Dolby

Sometimes extraneous noise, while hindering the ability to listen with undivided attention to the actual performance, is part of what makes concerts in alternative spaces exciting, socially-engaging events.