Love Your Fellow Man Geek

However well-intentioned all those classical music marketing mavens may be, the fact is you can’t fool people into the concert hall by simply dressing up the surface. Classical music isn’t for the masses anymore; it’s for us geeks!

Accounting For Taste Position

An informal comparison of the resumes of applicants fresh out of doctoral programs in 2007 with the ones that got the baby-boomer American university composers hired back in the ’70s and ’80s reveals that you probably have to be better now than you had to be then.

Wait, There’s More

I really can’t understand why some people feel compelled to walk out of a concert while a performance is still going on; is anything really so unbearable?

Lost in the Shuffle

New music is capable of asking the hardest questions and challenging the most deeply sedimented assumptions. Do you really want to go through all that on the bus? That’s why there’s no new music on my iPod.

Shared Space

Do composers have the right, or even the ability, to determine the context in which their music gets heard?

Just Do It

Last month by coincidence one of my student’s endeavors was highlighted in Chatter’s Friday Informer. The project is a new music ensemble comprised and run solely by teens. No one over 18 allowed.