In Life There is No Dolby

Sometimes extraneous noise, while hindering the ability to listen with undivided attention to the actual performance, is part of what makes concerts in alternative spaces exciting, socially-engaging events.

Woman Composer

At a time when there are more female role models, mentors, and opportunities, the number of women entering composition looks as if it is drying up.

Love Your Fellow Man Geek

However well-intentioned all those classical music marketing mavens may be, the fact is you can’t fool people into the concert hall by simply dressing up the surface. Classical music isn’t for the masses anymore; it’s for us geeks!

Accounting For Taste Position

An informal comparison of the resumes of applicants fresh out of doctoral programs in 2007 with the ones that got the baby-boomer American university composers hired back in the ’70s and ’80s reveals that you probably have to be better now than you had to be then.