Bell Curve

It is impossible to assess the general public’s receptivity to “good music” from passers-by ignoring a performance by Joshua Bell; all you can assess from this stunt is the basic human need for filters and frames to guide perception.

Enlisting Civilians

For most of us, it seems to come down to believing whether the majority of people have the ability to appreciate non-commercial contemporary music.

Who Cares If You Step In Gum

All and all, composers are a harmless bunch, although, come to think of it, I did almost puke at a Francisco Lopez concert, but that was more my fault than his.

The (Classical Music) World Is Flat

Forget serialism, forget postmodernism, forget historically informed performance and electronics and extended techniques: The absorption of Asians into the formerly European- and American-dominated field of classical music is the classical music story of the latter half of the 20th century.

Falling Between the Cracks

After hearing pieces in just intonation and the beauty of 7th, 11th, and yes, even 13th partials, how could I constrain myself to a system that ignores them completely?