A Sliver of Rehearsal Time Can Go a Long Way

I recently asked a chamber ensemble if it would be possible to take five minutes to read through one of my student’s pieces; instead of doing it behind closed doors, the group offered to do the reading as part of a public rehearsal/workshop.

Standing on the Corner

Composing music is like creating a fictional character, we have to fully realize each toenail and eyelash if our goal is to generate something convincing.

Beautiful Music, R.I.P.

Can new music have at once the same quality of “pushing at the edge of the conceivable” that Beethoven’s had in its day as well as its emotional resonance?

Complaining Doesn’t Work

For the brief all-too-finite period of time of the ASCAP I Create Music Expo we were all one community, albeit one that is defiantly not monolithic, even within individual stylistic paradigms.

The Problem with Opera

If we’re going to sing something in German nowadays, maybe we can update things a little and cast Fergie in the lead role.