The Best Blogs?

Richard Schickel wrote an impassioned plea for the continued relevance of criticism despite its predicted demise as a result of the democratizing force of the blogosphere, but can’t there be meaningful, substantive commentary online?

Rent Control

In the world of pre-college music education, there is a lot of frustration among players and teachers regarding the affordability of buying or renting new music.

ASCII-ing for Virtual Cake

The conception of “digital space” has infiltrated the multitude of ways in which we compose, even if the byproduct is good old-fashioned acoustic music.

Ripping More From the Headlines

A scuffle at the Boston Pops is one thing, but the news that a ten
year old has been convicted of beating a homeless man requires more of a
response from us.

Residential Architecture

What can we as composers and administrators do to help those performing organizations that have a true desire to continue to involve living composers, but are still green to it?

May The Force Be With You

I know that exciting new music performances happen around the country throughout the year, but April and May really do feel like a double contemporary American music month in New York City. But what can we do make a louder splash about new music among the general public?