So Far, Yet So Close

In New Zealand, nationally specific material is separated out into its own section in book stores and record shops. But, by and large, contemporary classical music (that term again) is still overshadowed by standard rep and local pop fare. Sound familiar?

Getting Buffaloed

The “system” is outmoded, and the divisions imposed by our institutions
only succeed in keeping young composers apart, despite the fact that
students themselves don’t buy into all the divisiveness.

As Thousands Cheer

Are over-the-top responses to performances sincere expressions of aesthetic pleasure or manifestations of emotional states that are far more complex?

The Tokyo Syndrome

Why do the Japanese feel the need to import all the Western culture, something that might be called Tokyo Syndrome, and do we suffer as well from our own type of Tokyo Syndrome as well?

Squeaky Clean

When difficult artists write cleaner music, does it represent a welcome clarification or a huge step backwards?