What You Kno’ Bout Me?

Nobody is going to revoke your serious composer membership card just because you can admit to yourself that you like a Kelly Clarkson song.

Aural Flashbacks

In addition to the ever-expanding approaches to writing music, it’s worth considering the new ways of hearing it that the information age may cultivate in us.

The Best Blogs?

Richard Schickel wrote an impassioned plea for the continued relevance of criticism despite its predicted demise as a result of the democratizing force of the blogosphere, but can’t there be meaningful, substantive commentary online?

Rent Control

In the world of pre-college music education, there is a lot of frustration among players and teachers regarding the affordability of buying or renting new music.

ASCII-ing for Virtual Cake

The conception of “digital space” has infiltrated the multitude of ways in which we compose, even if the byproduct is good old-fashioned acoustic music.

Ripping More From the Headlines

A scuffle at the Boston Pops is one thing, but the news that a ten
year old has been convicted of beating a homeless man requires more of a
response from us.

Residential Architecture

What can we as composers and administrators do to help those performing organizations that have a true desire to continue to involve living composers, but are still green to it?