A Musical House of Atreus in 1937 Beverly Hills?

It would seem that dramatizations of composers are stuck either with the low maudlinism of Hollywood biopics or the high metaphysics of Thomas Mann’s novel Doctor Faustus and Adrian Leverkühn, its fictionalized Schoenberg. But wait—author Joan Peyser demurs.

iN Defense

Classical music junkies seem to be in cahoots with the audiophiles to create some kind of angry lynch mob and burn their latest heretic, the iPod. Cut us some slack here.

Fear of a Philistine Planet

Once new music is taken out of the ivory tower, away from audiences who (ostensibly) have the prowess to put it in a meaningful context, one has to contend with the tastes of normal people.

Choosing the Right Dress

Similar to fashion, some artists and ensembles have lots of style while others only blend in with the crowd, and some people just don’t care about fashion—musical or otherwise.