Art In the Presence of Sound

While I was in Kansai for the FBI Festival, I dropped by the Osaka National Museum of Art to see Plus/Minus, the exhibition of Yuki Fujimoto, an artist whose conceptual works often use sound as a medium of expression.


Computers and the internet are better than no computers and no internet, and they aren’t going to go away; but, at the same time, they are not the be-all end-all.

The FBI in Osaka

I was in Osaka recently to perform at the 10th Annual Festival Beyond Innocence, almost certainly the last—certainly the last ever at its weird and wonderful location known as Festival Gate.

The Dangers of Being the Decider

If my music is incompetent, two large public universities are at least somewhat complicit. If my music labors under false or unrealistic assumptions, on the other hand, all the blame belongs with me, because you choose your assumptions.