Falling Between the Cracks

After hearing pieces in just intonation and the beauty of 7th, 11th, and yes, even 13th partials, how could I constrain myself to a system that ignores them completely?

Hoop Dreams

As a composer of intimidating-looking music, what compromises, if any, do I need to make in order to break into the realm of symphonic writing?

There is No Them

While it is extremely convenient to simplify ideas through binaries and compartmentalization, art (and indeed human nature) is rarely so clear cut.

Those Who Do and Teach

Why do so many composers shy away from declaring themselves pedagogues; do we actually believe that “those who can’t do, teach?”

Not Totally Obsessed

Lately, I’ve been hearing the language used to describe enjoyment and interest take a turn toward mental imbalance.

Sound Good to You?

I’ve been forced to consider a problem I’ve been putting off for years: My music just doesn’t sound good enough.