Horizon Expansion

Studying with a new teacher is a convenient time to reevaluate the foundations of one’s compositional thinking. My conundrum du jour: Is it worth limiting one’s options in the short term to realize what may ultimately be a much more valuable project somewhere far down the road?

No More Words

I hate program notes. If I wanted to communicate something so concrete and literal that it could be written about, I wouldn’t be scribbling a bunch of dots, lines, and musical symbols on manuscript paper.

Torn Between Two Beloveds

Would a newer piano be a better workhorse to encourage the creation of new music, or would a century-old piano inspire work that can stand the test of time?

OK, So What Is “New Music Theater”?

If it’s been produced at the Avignon Festival, the Munich Biennale, or the various Fringe Festivals from Edinburgh to New York, chances are it’s not opera or music theater but “new music theater.”