A Personal Narrative

While I make every effort to keep an open mind toward whatever it is I’m listening to at any given moment, I’ve never had a particular fondness for music with narration.

Cortisone Cowboys

In accordance with my role as new music’s self-appointed DARE officer, I want to look at the use of a drug that has a clear, quantifiable impact on a singer’s ability to perform: cortisone.

Playing Favorites

Ask someone to name their favorite composer and I’d guess that those who don’t give you that baffled “what’s-a-composer” look will inevitably mention someone both long-dead and from another country.

Diamanda Galás: The Extended Voice as Singing Id

Part exorcist, part Pentecostal channeler, part Antonin Artaud, part Tibetan monk chanting “om” sound-processed to glass-shattering decibels, the regal, Goth-like Galás in Imitation of Life is the incarnation of the mythological Lilith, the she-demon as singing shaman.


Sometimes I wonder if I only in order to have a reason to beget that awesome title I just came up with.