Koto of Arms

Often costumed and tattooed in ways that might evoke a dominatrix as much as a musician, it is clear when Yagi plays the koto who is the slave and who is the master.

Big Time Sensuality

I wish the uncontrollable excitement of a rock concert could be bottled and sprinkled over a decidedly more restrained Carnegie Hall affair.

“Don’t Spit on My Life”

A precocious and articulate 22-year-old undergrad visual art major I hung out with last night repeatedly professed strong disdain for virtually all contemporary art; one salient quote was, “All they do is spit on canvasses; I really resent people who waste my time.”

Empire of Sounds

For me, the urban soundscape of Tokyo is the largest payoff I get for living in an already great city.

Horizon Expansion

Studying with a new teacher is a convenient time to reevaluate the foundations of one’s compositional thinking. My conundrum du jour: Is it worth limiting one’s options in the short term to realize what may ultimately be a much more valuable project somewhere far down the road?