Livin’ tha Modern Music Life

The Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble has set a new bar for interpretation and performance standards by “living” Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians.

“Seryozha, we hardly knew ye”

It’s one thing to say that the vast majority of history’s composers remain unknown. But how many of history’s known (and even “great”) composers are, effectively, “mis-known”-either through insufficient performance of the bulk of their output, or through actual suppression of significant chunks of their oeuvres?

Koto of Arms

Often costumed and tattooed in ways that might evoke a dominatrix as much as a musician, it is clear when Yagi plays the koto who is the slave and who is the master.

Big Time Sensuality

I wish the uncontrollable excitement of a rock concert could be bottled and sprinkled over a decidedly more restrained Carnegie Hall affair.

“Don’t Spit on My Life”

A precocious and articulate 22-year-old undergrad visual art major I hung out with last night repeatedly professed strong disdain for virtually all contemporary art; one salient quote was, “All they do is spit on canvasses; I really resent people who waste my time.”