Day 3: Osmosis

Osmo Vänskä’s focused questions made me think about my piece at a deeper level than I ever had. “What does ‘With Bite’ mean? That can be interpreted in so many different ways. Do you think that figure there will be heard? What effect are you going for here exactly?”

All Heated Up

Music, it seems to me, resides in a strange middle ground somewhere between a painting and a meal.

Pre-Birth (Recital) Anxiety

It’s bad enough to have some pop song you heard on the radio playing in your brain all day, but to have the twists and turns of Prokofiev, or the changing rhythms of Adams (did that section actually start on the downbeat?), or the haunting sounds of George Crumb…it’s quite distracting.

Use a Mic—Go To Jail?

There might be issues of inadvertent liability if you are trying to be particularly discrete when recording out in an urban setting and keeping your equipment under wraps.