Why I Still Buy Records

A physical recording is a reminder of the when-ness of something; it provides historical context and a portal into the mindset of another time.

Hey Orpheus, Show Me the Money!

Who can afford to be a practitioner of that most labor-intensive, under-compensated, high-overhead of art forms, art music composition, unless you live in music-crazed Finland.

Did I Write That?

While one can argue about the importance of remaining true to one’s ideals, when writing music for a large ensemble such as an orchestra, what is practical is ultimately what will get done.

Day 7: Rooting for the Underdog

New music has been experiencing a surge of popularity over the past couple decades, but, at least in the orchestral world, it still plays the role of underdog. But even if new music does become standard in orchestral concerts across the nation, the music will always be of its time and by definition will always be new; and so it will always be fun to root for.