Operatic Intentions

As is the case every time I see an opera, I am seized anew with
the desire to write and produce my own.

Fuzzy Math

If having only seven million viewers is a failure, how can anyone succeed? It’s a question of scale.


What tricks or techniques do you have to get the creative juices flowing and that compositional ball rolling?

Practice, Practice, Practice

You know, this might sound almost too simplistic, but perhaps simply keeping busy is the key to a successful career as a composer—not to mention being a good musical citizen as well.

Wild Thing

Anyone can reject European influence, but how is it possible to write music as new and fresh as, say, Harry Partch or Charles Ives without developing equally bizarre sets of reference points?

I Spy

Exploring Naples with visual artists allowed me to see things I would have easily missed on my own.

Why I Still Buy Records

A physical recording is a reminder of the when-ness of something; it provides historical context and a portal into the mindset of another time.