Music, Correct At Least Twice a Day

Only now, 16 years later, is the irony fully apparent—that the technology that created a Goliath music industry also has served as the stone that threatens to topple it.

Avoiding Turkeys on Thanksgiving

There’s really no appropriate music to go along with the fourth Thursday of November’s annual gobble fest but there still are plenty of interesting possibilities.

Dangerous Listening

I’m exploring an interesting psychosomatic illness—rapid heartbeat, dizziness, confusion, and even hallucinations in the face of too much beautiful art.

Here Comes the Judge

Last weekend I helped judge scores for the upcoming Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts here in Minneapolis. I can’t guarantee that my findings are universal, but in any case it was a tremendously enlightening couple of hours.

On Vacation from Rome

I’ve been in Paris and Prague, on “vacation” from the AAR, visiting friends and exploring cities that I don’t know very well, hoping that may spark a measure or two of music that needs to get written soon.

Face the Music

What’s really interesting about Facebook from a new music-minded perspective is how many people involved with new music are there.