Paint You a Symphony

When I realized that the usual way that I compose wasn’t working, I found a huge scroll of paper and tried something completely different.

Surf’s Up

Is there a different musical ethos between the West Coast and the
East Coast that has to do with the natural environment?

Composers Who Go Against Typecasting

There are many different ways for a composer to go against type: first, there’s the Drastic Turnabout where the “against type” is actually the first incarnation of the composer’s style; next is the Perpetual Chameleon; and a third is the Musical Traitor.

und am achten Tag

On December 5, H. Wiley Hitchcock, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Andrew Imbrie all gave up their mortal forms, but they left us with their minds— signified by their corpuses of works, each of which was extensive.

Come and Knock On My Door

Composing music isn’t always some fuzzy, mystical process, so why does the myth of the divine muse still hold sway over how people perceive the music?

Do You Hear What I See?

For better or worse, we are living in a visually-dominant culture, and for music to have meaning within our culture, it needs to be seen to some degree.