Reindeer Games

My brother and I have developed a ritualistic nightly game entitled “Best Song/Favorite Song,” a trifle of deceptive simplicity in which we take a band whose output we know back to front and each propose our favorite songs and, separately, the songs we feel are the best of the group’s catalogue.

Yoi otoshi wo

The Japanese have a word for the feeling at the end of the year, shiwasu (teachers running), and it all leads up to a climactic December 31 eve when…everybody stays home.

Paint You a Symphony

When I realized that the usual way that I compose wasn’t working, I found a huge scroll of paper and tried something completely different.

Surf’s Up

Is there a different musical ethos between the West Coast and the
East Coast that has to do with the natural environment?

Composers Who Go Against Typecasting

There are many different ways for a composer to go against type: first, there’s the Drastic Turnabout where the “against type” is actually the first incarnation of the composer’s style; next is the Perpetual Chameleon; and a third is the Musical Traitor.