Mixing Things Up

It seems that the way people compose will affect their output—whether it comes from the ether, as it were, from a spirited improv session, or from a careful working out on the instrument itself.

Steal This Column

Lessig celebrates “amateur culture,” where people produce for the
love of what they are doing and not for the money; but where does that
leave professionals, those of us who seek to be in the happy position of
actually making a living doing what we love?

Modern Music as a Political Statement

I was amazed to see virtually the entire audience remain for a performance of Luigi Nono’s A floresta é jovem e cheja de vida, which came last on the second half of a 2 and 3/4 hour concert.

Command Performance

Whatever your view might be of our nation’s current military endeavors, there’s no debate that some of the highest level ensemble playing occurs in military bands.

How Good Is Your Ear? (Part 2)

The stronger your ear, the more liberated your musical imagination. That’s how Beethoven could compose after deafness. His ear—outer, and then inner—was spectacular.