Playing Favorites

Ask someone to name their favorite composer and I’d guess that those who don’t give you that baffled “what’s-a-composer” look will inevitably mention someone both long-dead and from another country.

Diamanda Galás: The Extended Voice as Singing Id

Part exorcist, part Pentecostal channeler, part Antonin Artaud, part Tibetan monk chanting “om” sound-processed to glass-shattering decibels, the regal, Goth-like Galás in Imitation of Life is the incarnation of the mythological Lilith, the she-demon as singing shaman.


Sometimes I wonder if I only in order to have a reason to beget that awesome title I just came up with.

Talk to Me

It seems that lectures, interviews, and talk radio fulfill many of the same nodes in me that recorded music does, at least in a passive-listening context.

Colony Envy

About this time each year, I develop colony envy, that affliction which affects only pianists, instrumentalists and singers who are too noisy for the calm reflection allowed primarily to composers, poets, visual artists, playwrights, authors, film makers, and other quietly creative types, at various artist colonies around the world.