Writing Music For Young Players

Many composers shy away from writing music for young players, thinking that this is a “dumbing down” of their talents or time unwisely spent on musicians who have little interest in their work. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

DBA: Three Good Notes, Three Necessary Initials

There are two important reasons for a composer to acquire a DBA (“Doing Business As”): one has to do with money, the other with privacy. And if you are doing business under any name other than your own, it’s required by law.

Making The I-Hop

Setting out to establish one’s music in another country can feel overwhelming; it’s often problematic enough getting your music played in your own town! But overseas performances don’t have to remain a distant fantasy.

Musicians Working with Video: A Primer

The future for multi-media art—creating a fluid interchange between music, image, story, performers, and ever-evolving technology—opens up all sorts of new territory. What follows are a few notes from my own explorations into these new possibilities.

Supersize Your Composer Residency

A composer residency can be an amazing opportunity to grow as an artist and connect with the music community outside the studio door. And with a bit of planning, the headaches and frustrations that can accompany such a venture can be avoided.

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