What makes you attend a music event? Dean Stein

Dean SteinPhoto © Peter Schaaf Executive Director, Chamber Music America I’ve always been a bit of a history buff — not so much academically as romantically. For example, I love the theater and try to see the off-off, off and Broadway productions that crowd a typical New York season – experimental works, revivals, classics, “star” […]

What makes you attend a music event?

What makes you attend a music event? George Steel“Free drinks: A concert is a celebration. It should feel like one…” Eugene V. Carr“Whenever I go to a modern dance performance I’m usually thrilled by the air of expectation…” Dean Stein“…The history buff in me wants to hear what writers and composers have to say about […]

Taking Charge of American Music

Frank J. OteriPhoto by Melissa Richard In 1939, six American composers joined forces to create the American Music Center, the first-ever information center devoted to the promulgation of new music. For many years, the American Music Center served as the only repository of scores and recordings of a diverse array of repertoire. This effort proved […]

Speak For Yourself! A Hyper-History of American Composer-Led New Music Ensembles

Ken Smithphoto by Melissa Richard For a composer, the urge to assume creative control in your own musical matters is as American as…well, Aaron Copland. But whether your frame of reference is literally the Copland-Sessions Concerts of Contemporary Music, a four-season project from 1929-1932 where American composers first took charge of bringing their music to […]

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