Is the free dissemination of music on the Web ultimately helpful or harmful to the economics of new music? Amy Scurria, Composer

Amy ScurriaPhoto by Phyllis Berger mp3 – A Young Composer’s Perspective Every young professional must at some point give more than they gain in return. Whether it be a beginning salary or a starting position, and all young professionals step out into the work force with the promise of growth and increased success. As a […]

What Do the Presidential Candidates Think About Music? Al Gore Real 1

Al Gore The REAL quote “National Public Radio has been indispensable to its local listeners across the country. Each station across America tailors its programming to meet local needs. For example, when school funding for classical music training was cut, it was KUER in Salt Lake City that produced a series introducing elementary school students […]

What Do the Presidential Candidates Think About Music? Al Gore Fake 1

Al Gore This is the FAKE quote, but not very far away from these Gore comments about Napster and explicit lyrics. “I think that the Internet has wonderful potential to bring diverse kinds of music to new audiences. Schoolchildren in Georgia may, before long, have the opportunity to hear orchestra concerts in New York without […]

What Do the Presidential Candidates Think About Music? Ralph Nader 2

Ralph Nader This was FAKED, but not very far away from these comments. “With hundreds of radio stations owned by a single company, it comes as no surprise that the programming reflects the economic desires of that company, not the greater interests of its listeners. Instead of challenging programming, we get mind-numbing mock analyses of […]

What Do the Presidential Candidates Think About Music? Ralph Nader 2

Ralph Nader The REAL quote From “Ralph Nader Consultation, Part II,” interview with W. David Kubiak for the “Nancho Consultations,” 1998. Well, if you look at modern merchandising it is extraordinarily sensual – whether it’s junk food, music, entertainment, you name it, addiction… That’s the genius of the modern corporate marketing is that it is […]

What Do the Presidential Candidates Think About Music?

A Statement of PurposeOver a month ago, Frank and I set about contacting five Presidential candidates to ask them for thoughts on American music. No one responded. Al Gore’s campaign was the only one to dignify us with a response. Other responses ranged from clueless silence (Nader’s campaign; then again, they don’t even provide a […]

Who Represents the Unsilent Minority?

There needs to be a greater musical awareness among the people who hold our elected offices. But there also needs to be a greater political awareness on the part of people who make and shape music in this country.

Soundtracks: October 2000

Unlike the impending Presidential election, there are tons of musical choices in SoundTracks this month ranging from new recordings of acknowledged American musical masterpieces to rediscoveries of overlooked musical treasures to works from newly-emerging composers never before on CD. In the orchestral music department, there is a new recording of Charles Ives’ Symphony No. 2, […]

Smoke and Mirrors: Mr. Smith Returns to Washington

Photo of Ken Smithin front of “Smoke Free” (1999){cigarette butts and wood, 45″x67″}by John Salvest(courtesy Rudolph Projects)Photo by Melissa Richard A former political journalist turned music critic offers up a HyperHistory uncovering “smoke and mirrors” politics in the American classical music business. My name is Ken. I’m a recovering addict. I can trace my awareness […]

What Do the Presidential Candidates Think About Music? Patrick J. Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan “Everyday we see new evidence of the corruption of our popular culture: Filthy art financed with tax dollars. Television steeped in raw sex and romanticized violence. Movies that mock religious faith. Music that extols social chaos.” Real or fake? “There’s the American music that the elitists at the universities want you to […]