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From American Muse: The Life and Times of William Schuman

A reprint of a chapter from the new biography of American composer and arts administrator William Schuman (1910-1992) who juggled running Juilliard and Lincoln Center with composing a total of 10 symphonies, 2 one-act operas, 5 string quartets, concertos, choral works, and over 100 popular songs.

A Look Inside Paul Hegarty’s Noise/Music

Two chapters of Paul Hegarty’s book Noise/Music, a socio-musicological examination of the ever-changing threshold of tolerance between music and noise in a wide variety of musical genres during the 20th century, are featured along with a discussion about the book between Hegarty and Frank J. Oteri.

One for the Money, Two for the Show: Gerd Leonhard and Music 2.0

The future is here, as they say, and boy is it messy. If you are a creator of content, your economic model for making a living probably feels a little twisted around at the moment. In Music 2.0, Gerd Leonhard proposes a way out of policing copies and a way into enjoying “music like water”.

An Interview with Barrymore Laurence Scherer

The author of A History of American Classical Music explains how he was able to encapsulate such a wide-ranging history in under 230 pages by concentrating on just sparking readers’ intellectual curiosity.

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