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Jonathan Kramer’s Gift

Jonathan Kramer’s Gift

Jonathan Kramer’s Postmodern Music shows how our contemporary experience colors and reshapes our audition of everything, from Beethoven to new pieces he never could have encountered. And so his last book, published this month and more than a decade after his death, is not only still relevant; it’s prescient.

How to Succeed in the New Music Business (You Will Need to Try)

In The Savvy Musician: Building a Career, Earning a Living, & Making a Difference, composer and pianist David Cutler collects strategies and success stories from 165 composers and musicians working in these musical arenas and sprinkles them throughout this slickly designed A-to-Z guide covering everything from building up a career to planning for retirement.

Inside Notations 21

Weighing in at 300+ heavily inked pages, Notations 21 carries both the intellectual heft of an academic text book and the intrigue of a good coffee table read.

Getting Inside The Listen

But past the The Listen’s straightforward concept of thinking and writing about nine different pieces of music, what authors Christopher Jon Honett and Peter Gilbert are really engaging in here is a new type of criticism—and it’s actually kind of subversive.

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