Across The Universe

Ives wrote that the themes and general plan for the Universe Symphony are quite clearly indicated in the sketches he left behind. But deciphering those sketches has been one of American music’s greatest detective sagas.

Waiting for Hello

On-hold music is a strange Janus-faced beast. Neither background nor foreground, this forced-listening netherworld sounds like a perfect spot for art to intervene.

Composer, Interrupted

A composer takes a step away from his own work to examine how the act of creation fits into the life of an individual and its impact on the surrounding artistic, cultural, and economic environment.

The Musical Ear

How does the ear decode the acoustic information that we receive, and what can we learn about music from an understanding of how the ear and the brain respond to sound?

Rockin’ the Shtetl

Performers like the Klezmatics, David Krakauer, Hasidic New Wave, and John Zorn are all rockin’ the shtetl. As it turns out, that just happens to be the utterly traditional thing to do.