Crossing the Atlantic: A Primer on Euro-American Musical Relations

There still exist archetypal “American Composers” and “European Composers,” an archetypal “American Audience” and “European Audience,” with roots in decades-old artistic movements, historical contexts, and sets of priorities. However effectively pluralism may be taking over the world, these old national differences are still with us in fundamental ways.

Building Concrete

Robert Ashley has been composing new kinds of opera exploring a vast range of techniques for over forty years, but the process of developing each Ashley opera is different.

Heavy Meddling

The parallel developments of minimalism and metal during the past 20 years offer some heady crosstalk.

American Arias Now Available for a Song

Nearly two years ago, two of music’s most prominent publishing houses each issued four-volume anthologies of American arias a month apart from each other; how is it that two major music publishers arrived at the same concept at more or less the same time?

The Tipping Point

What is the defining moment in a “successful” composer’s life that could be called a “tipping point”?