American Arias Now Available for a Song

Nearly two years ago, two of music’s most prominent publishing houses each issued four-volume anthologies of American arias a month apart from each other; how is it that two major music publishers arrived at the same concept at more or less the same time?

The Tipping Point

What is the defining moment in a “successful” composer’s life that could be called a “tipping point”?

In Search of the Simantron

Everything you ever wanted to know about the simantron, a percussion instrument from Eastern Europe that is slowly finding its way into new music.

More Song, Less Art(ifice): The New Breed of Art Song

Enter the artsongwriters! They are merging the benefits of their classical training with the tools and frameworks of pop music. But don’t mistake what they’re doing as “breaking down barriers between genres”—these composers are developing a new and unique style of creative songwriting that does not fit comfortably into any pre-existing genre.

Charles Ives’s Approach to Intonation

It is generally thought that, except for a few pieces with specifically notated quartertones, the remainder of Ives’s music was conceived for conventional twelve-tone equal temperament. However, there’s a great deal of evidence in Ives’s scores and writings suggesting a general tuning for his music that can best be described as Extended Pythagorean.

In Search of Julius Eastman

Three CDs of African-American postminimalist Julius Eastman’s music have just been released by New World Records, marking the end of a seven-year search to reassemble the composer’s scattered scores and archival recordings.