Acoustic Ecology and the Experimental Music Tradition

Acoustic Ecology has evolved somewhat consciously from its original intentions but, as importantly, from activities that developed independently, in parallel to, or in reaction against it. Current usage of the term can now be found to describe any or all of these sometimes contradictory positions.

Generation of ’38 (Part 3): Because Time Was in the Air

Finding ways to forge new syntheses and techniques for themselves through explorations and surprising reconciliations of tonal and post-tonal languages, the generation of American composers born in and around the year 1938 moved into the forefront of American classical music in the 1970s and ’80s.

Memories Are Better Off Sung

Although memory is suggested in much of the prolific output of The Fiery Furnaces, nowhere is it more focused than in their 2005 release Rehearsing My Choir, which tells the life story of the siblings’ then-83-year-old grandmother Olga Sarantos.