SONiC Reverb

Bringing to light the latest generation’s approach to music, a few courageous folks recently set out to show us all what today’s music is really like and just how expansive it can be. Showcasing over 100 composers from six continents (all age 40 and under), 16 ensembles, and dozens of premieres, the SONiC Festival—which ran October 14-22 in venues all over New York City—brought the sound of the 21st century to life.

Back to School. Or Not.

Instead of jumping right into a graduate program after finishing my bachelor’s degree, I felt a little world experience might do me well. Oh, trust me, I was going to continue my education. I just needed a break for a year or so to really figure some things out. So, what’s a recent grad with a BM in composition to do? Teach English in Japan, duh.