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Broken Notions of Why Art Matters

broken tape measure

The tricky part of advocating for the arts is that the really important parts are harder to put numbers on. This shouldn’t be surprising; the awesomest parts of art itself are the parts that are hardest to quantify.

A Contest for Fake Musicians

There’s a long history in dictionaries, encyclopedias, and even atlases of including false and funny entries to protect from copyright infringement. The Grove Dictionary has had some classics over the years and now they’re giving the rest of us the chance to write some ourselves.

Keeping Score: Spreadbury Speaks on Sibelius Team Transition

News came last week that the former London-based Sibelius team is now opening a new office to work on a brand new notation program–this time under the auspices of Steinberg, a German company known primarily for the sequencer Cubase. Here’s what Daniel Spreadbury had to say about the project.