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About Devin Hurd

Devin Hurd is a composer of microtonal music, an active practitioner of free improvisation, and an avid baseball fan. Over the past two decades he has also been professionally involved with producing and implementing music and sound design for more than 30 shipped video game titles. He can be found sampling Chicago’s live music and baseball offerings on just about any given night. For more information, please visit

Finding Peace at the Fulcrum Point

Music can be a force for healing in the face of devastating tragedy. Composers who seek to confront the scars of loss and human suffering face the challenge of expressing qualities that transcend our differences and appeal to our shared humanity. Chicago’s Fulcrum Point New Music Project addresses the need for healing after the painful events of 9/11 by programming an annual concert for peace.

First Year Impressions of the Chicago New Music Scene

At its best, audience outreach grows the appetite for seeking out new music. It gives all ears present a stake in the music at hand, acting as an invitation to share in a communal experience and leaving a lasting impression that tempts the curious toward future concerts.