Tyondai Braxton: Central Market

Whether as a solo artist or a member of Battles, Tyondai Braxton has spent his career creating thick, multi-layered sounds with minimal means; but on his newest album Central Market, he ups the ante with his new backing band—an orchestra.
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Sounds Heard: Helado Negro—Awe Owe

Roberto Carlos Lange has one of those quintessentially American stories, at least for a certain segment of the population. As the son of Ecuadorian immigrants and a native of southern Florida, he and his music are clearly informed by his heritage, but would it sound anything like this without its incubation in an American cocoon?

Getting Inside The Listen

But past the The Listen’s straightforward concept of thinking and writing about nine different pieces of music, what authors Christopher Jon Honett and Peter Gilbert are really engaging in here is a new type of criticism—and it’s actually kind of subversive.

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