Ben Hackbarth—Worlds That Are Whole

Ben Hackbarth, a product of UC San Diego now working at IRCAM in Paris, is a composer dealing with acoustically and electronically generated phenomena while seeking out meaningful artistic experiences in new territories.

Duane Pitre—Discipline and Freedom

Pitre writes music that just sounds good. The tuning schemes he uses are not the ends themselves; rather, they serve to further open up the acoustic worlds that can be elicited from the instruments, creating a rich, meditative space for listening.

Olympics to New Slaves: A Short History of Zs

When Zs formed, there was nothing else on the scene quite like it; they’ve succeeded in bringing intellectual music to the club scene, and, for a while, they brought their raucousness into the realms of concert music.

Sounds Heard: Little Women—Throat

By Trevor Hunter
Considering how brawny Little Women putatively is, it’s conspicuous the wide range of response its capable of eliciting. This is because the members of the group are, in fact, quite smart about their music.

Sounds Heard: Tyshawn Sorey—Koan

By Trevor Hunter
As a drummer, Tyshawn Sorey is beguiling to an extreme: in his work with Iyer, Lehman, and others, his tight, complex, shuffling beats are accomplished not only at hypersonic speeds, but with an incredible musicality as well. Compositionally, however, Sorey’s own music seems to exist on a whole other planet from what he plays as a sideman.

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