Sounds Heard: HEALTH—Get Color

By Sam Pluta
HEALTH has the skills with guitar pedals and effects units that Gerard Grisey had with clarinets and contrabasses, and it is clear that they are finding interesting sounds first and then writing the music with those sounds in mind.

John Corigliano: Circus Maximus

The premiere of Corigliano’s ambitious and extravagant wind band piece in 2005 at the University of Texas has become somewhat notorious; Naxos presents the piece on recording for the first time.

Maximize Information Flow: How to Make Successful Live Electronic Music

In any performance, there is an information network that exists between the performer, the instrument, and the audience. By maximizing information exchange between objects in the performer/instrument/audience network and creating interactions between the separate information streams of that network, an electronic composer/performer is more likely to create a compelling performance.