San Francisco: Watch That Scene

Slomo Video, the brainchild of video artist Ryan Junell, is made up of one-minute videos, all very slow, made by a total of 85 artists from all over the country.

Berlin: Take My Breath Away

A city seeped in contrast and filled with artists is, for now, a lively breeding ground for new electronic sounds. Who knows how long all this will last?

San Francisco: Literally Spellbinding—Ropes Included

On a recent Saturday night, a modest audience gathered in a small living room of an intimate wooden home seven blocks north of UC Berkeley. The lights dim, a young violinist stands under a landing, the audience seated in a semi-circle facing her. She is wearing clothes that seem like a lite version of designs by Helmut Lang, with added metal loops sewn into the sleeves and shoulders of a jacket made of sturdy synthetic materials…