Musical Revisionism

When it comes to the topic of revising one’s music, there are a great many different concepts and attitudes towards what can and should be revised, and discovering how one composer revises their works can offer a great amount of insight into their mindset when they are composing the work to begin with.

The Self-Promoting Composer, Part 3

There is no pattern when it comes to successful composers and their online interactions. Where you can find one instance of someone harnessing the Internet with all of its social networking glory to magnificent effect, you find someone else who eschews anything more advanced than e-mail—and they both have thriving careers.

The Role of Doubt

Doubt, as an integral ingredient in the lives of most creative artists, is rarely discussed openly.

Hunger for the Vast Unknown

If works of the recent past were studied and taught with the same gusto as works by them-who-wore-wigs, who knows what ramifications that might have?

Community of Composers

By Rob Deemer
It is only through supporting one another that our art form will continue to thrive and grow.

Composer as Chef…or Architect?

By Rob Deemer
When it comes to process, I have seen two camps of composers emerge: the architects and the chefs; “Architect” composers tend to emphasize pre-planning of the overall structure of the work first whereas “Chef” composers tend to focus on the material first.

A Long and Winding Road

While there are many successful composers who discover composition either in middle school or high school, attend one of a handful of strong composition programs for undergraduate and graduate studies, and enter the workforce either in academia or as a successful freelance composer, there have been many others that come from all corners of our society and, in many cases, forge their own place in the musical community much more easily because of their non-traditional backgrounds.

Fighting the Good Fight

By Rob Deemer
The more we all can do to fight these stereotypes and show our world for what it is, the better.

Naming Your Child

By Rob Deemer
The method and manner by which a composer ends up assigning a moniker to his or her work will be, I hope, a window into who they are and how we can understand their music.

Finding Time

By Rob Deemer
How we manage our own time provides a glimpse into how we create and subsequently who we are.

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