Geography as Destiny

By Ratzo B. Harris
I have never, and probably will never hear Cleo Laine’s wonderful voice and mistake it for someone from New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Indianapolis (my birthplace), or anywhere “this side of the pond.”

Traveling Low

By Ratzo B. Harris
While club owners who also play music are traditionally not up to the standards of the people they hire, this is clearly not the case at Puppet’s.

Sounds Heard: Mark Dresser—Guts

Mark Dresser’s CD/DVD Guts: Bass Explorations, Investigations, Explanations is much more than a new release, it is an important treatise on the state of music making.

VNPAC: Blogging Through the 2nd Jazz Education Network Conference—The 1st Day

By Ratzo B. Harris
On the night before the 2nd Jazz Education Network conference begins in New Orleans, what a GREAT band: 2 tenor saxes, 2 alto saxes, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, a sousaphone with a microphone hanging in the bell, a cellist, 2 snare drums, 1 bass drum with cymbal attached (New Orleans brass bands don’t use drum sets), a tambourine, and a singer who held his bottle of Corona throughout his performance.

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