Getting Buffaloed

The “system” is outmoded, and the divisions imposed by our institutions
only succeed in keeping young composers apart, despite the fact that
students themselves don’t buy into all the divisiveness.

Bottoms Up

Given the lengthy relationship between music and booze, it’s amazing that there hasn’t been a thoroughly researched book or article on the subject and how it relates to modern composition.

What You Kno’ Bout Me?

Nobody is going to revoke your serious composer membership card just because you can admit to yourself that you like a Kelly Clarkson song.

ASCII-ing for Virtual Cake

The conception of “digital space” has infiltrated the multitude of ways in which we compose, even if the byproduct is good old-fashioned acoustic music.

Standing on the Corner

Composing music is like creating a fictional character, we have to fully realize each toenail and eyelash if our goal is to generate something convincing.

The Problem with Opera

If we’re going to sing something in German nowadays, maybe we can update things a little and cast Fergie in the lead role.