Don’t Speak

Limiting all the speeches to pre-concert talks or separate events would spare those of us in the audience who came to hear the music.

Project Rerun

Just because something is not a premiere doesn’t mean that the new music community will not show up.


Sometimes there is a fine line between stupidity and brilliance. Most of the music and art that I admire touch both ends of the spectrum simultaneously, and the more weighted towards both extremes the work gets, the more exciting its visceral impact becomes.

NewMusicBoxOffice: Extramusical Marketing At Its Very Best

I don’t know if concert presenters are sensing a mid-season fatigue on the part of concertgoers, but March seems to be shaping up into a heavily theme-driven month for new music here in the Big Apple. Whether or not you’re a fan of these gimmicky strategies for packaging a concert, in the end it’s still all about the music, plus the marketing department gets to have a little fun, too.

Deaf to the Backbeat

Composers who close themselves off from a particular sonic possibility—especially a “new” or “popular” one—are doing themselves and their music a disservice.

Hideous Genius

Spray-on hair in aerosol cans: This, my friends, is a genius idea. Pure genius. However, a diametrically different adjective is required to describe said product’s ultimate results: hideous. And believe it or not, this is the sort of dichotomy I try to encapsulate in composing music.

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