Riddle Me This

Most people prefer their whodunits to confound them a bit, and I want new music to do the same.

Am I Missing Something?

Missing a few minutes of music isn’t exactly like walking into a movie theater late—in fact, I can think of a lot of compositions that I can skip large swaths of and still feel satisfied.

June in Buffalo

June in Buffalo is one of the most important music festivals in the country dedicated entirely to contemporary music. Find out how the festival fosters young, free-thinking composers, not disciples.

NewMusicBoxOffice: The Other Merry Month

Along with the nice weather, the month of May brings those final exams one step closer, makes graduation seem like it might actually happen, and, of course, provides tons of concerts to distract all you students and non-matriculating music-lovers from your daily grind.

Play It Again, Jenny Lin

Whether it’s the grandiose sweep of a Chopin etude or a defiant new piece by a little-known young composer, Jenny Lin dedicates every ounce of her musical prowess to deliver knock-’em-dead performances.

Dare to be Stupid

Music that doesn’t need to be figured out in any way, shape, or form in order to be enjoyed is fantastically stupid—in a good way.

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