Confused But Not Phased

Can purposful discursivness, coupled with a pleasurable sheen on the surface, translate into a formula for creating music that people want to listen to more than once or twice?

Guide Me, O Thou Great Idiot

Maybe universities should consider The Complete Idiot’s Guide® To Music Composition in place of Straus’s Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory and Forte’s The Structure of Atonal Music. Seriously, do composers need to know that much set theory?

Aye Chihuahua!

I wonder, would it be possible to generate any internet buzz by releasing a video of some crazy new music composition and invite folks to film their reactions à la Beverly Hills Chihuahua-style?

Pane in the Glass

It’s refreshing to have a gallery show “about” music that isn’t just your typical sound art thing.

Knowing When to Stop, or Not

My 18-year-old self never thought that I would end up where I did. And even now, I have no idea where I’ll be in another 20 years. With a life in music, uncertainty is all part of the fun.

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