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About Molly Sheridan

Molly Sheridan is a writer, editor, and producer specializing in classical and experimental music, with a focus on multimedia content designed for the web. A winner of ASCAP’s Deems Taylor Award for music journalism, she is the executive editor of NewMusicBox and Counterstream Radio, both programs of New Music USA.

Sounds Heard: One Ring Zero—Planets

Planets, the latest release from Brooklyn lit rockers One Ring Zero, proves itself to be made up of lovely, carefully crafted music that dips into a whole mess of genre styles and timbral possibilities.

Tristan Perich: Getting to the Essence of the Sound

Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony stands quite eloquently in contrast to the 21st century’s love affair with the endlessly copyable digital file. While CDs have been traded for the instant gratification of the easily distributed MP3, Perich has shifted the frame and managed to make the fragile plastic jewel case once again worthy of shelf space.

Sounds Heard: thingNY—ADDDDDDDDD

thingNY’s experimental opera ADDDDDDDDD takes rapid-fire, largely spoken-word lyrical content and plays it out across multiple streams of content flashing by at warp speed.

Shodekeh—Air Friction

You could call Shodekeh (a.k.a. Dominic Earle Shodekeh Talifero) a beatboxer or a vocal percussionist, if you want to feel a little more refined about it. But what the Baltimore-based musician seems to be more than anything is a chameleon, breathing out entire rhythm and bass tracks and blending them into a borderless range of performance situations.

Sounds Heard: Slow Six—Tomorrow Becomes You

Chris Tignor and Slow Six have previously crafted an impressive catalog of gauzy, poetic music. Never an entirely ambient wallflower of a band, however, this time out they trade in some of the introspection and push their sound in a decidedly more visceral rhythmic direction.

Garrett Fisher—At the Hawks Well

There is a fluid back and forth motion across continents and centuries that impresses when it comes to the work of Garrett Fisher. It’s showcased once again in his latest piece At the Hawks Well.