Composers Who Go Against Typecasting

There are many different ways for a composer to go against type: first, there’s the Drastic Turnabout where the “against type” is actually the first incarnation of the composer’s style; next is the Perpetual Chameleon; and a third is the Musical Traitor.

Hey Orpheus, Show Me the Money!

Who can afford to be a practitioner of that most labor-intensive, under-compensated, high-overhead of art forms, art music composition, unless you live in music-crazed Finland.

“Seryozha, we hardly knew ye”

It’s one thing to say that the vast majority of history’s composers remain unknown. But how many of history’s known (and even “great”) composers are, effectively, “mis-known”-either through insufficient performance of the bulk of their output, or through actual suppression of significant chunks of their oeuvres?

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