VNPAC: Into the Future—A composer’s view of orchestral initiative

A combination of both the wake of major crash in the financial world and simultaneous major social changes brought on, in large part, by the rapid application of digital connectivity technologies, deals a double blow to the assumptions of the past, and a clearly present feeling that orchestras cannot continue to operate in many traditional ways of the past.

Atlanta: Branching Out Beyond the Borders

New music group Bent Frequency concluded their season with a concert at Eyedrum on May 8, titled (Bang Fist). Within the first half of the program, Stuart Gerber offered two interesting solo performance art pieces: Bang Fist, a short, early text by John Cage which eventually appeared in his piece 45′ For a Speaker, and Giorgio Battistelli’s Il Libro Celibe which has a score that is essentially pictures. The “libro” is a large, briefcase-like box that the performer opens in the manner of a book, each “page” being a rather flat “instrument,” such as a piece of paper, cellophane, metal, or a sound-making construction.

Atlanta: From Gamelan to Quartertone Guitar

April’s new music calendar opened in Atlanta in a blend of old and new with an Eastern twist. On April 2, the Emory Javanese Gamelan, directed by Steven Everett, presented both traditional gamelan music and new works for (or inspired by) Indonesian instruments…

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