April in Albuquerque

The annual John Donald Robb Composer’s Symposium at the University of New Mexico always includes an intriguingly eclectic array of music reflecting both regional creativity and a cross-section of current national trends.

Making Time

How much creativity is out there that simply can’t find the time and space to flourish?

Going To Concerts To Rejuvenate

I have to start another piece but my head is not there yet, so I have been going to concerts to rejuvenate; I had the great pleasure of hearing Tony Arnold (soprano) and Movses Pogossian (violin) perform György Kurtág’s Kafka Fragments last week.

Building a House vs. Painting a Landscape

Is it possible for composers to speak directly from our experience, as playwrights and visual artists often do, or are we more like architects, who seem to work more with pure functional forms?

Song of Herself

It has never been fashionable to reference a woman’s experience in music, or even generally understood.

Do As I Say, Do As I Do (If It Helps)

Teaching responsibly seems to require constant soul searching and occasional upheavals in approach, methodology, and perspective as I encounter new students, new times, new pedagogical philosophies, and new music.

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